1-551-BLUE-DOR (551-258-3367)

Bluedoor Site Supervisors

Our Site Supervisors are available to answer questions, provide needed paperwork, registration assistance, and help with drop off / pick- up.
To reach the on-call supervisor, call 551 BLUE-DOR.


Lydia Burns

Lydia brings enthusiasm and efficiency to the Bluedoor Education Team


Daniel Brill

Daniel Brill has been a student of the Bluedoor Team for years, and now he’s giving back as our Site Supervisor.

Homework Lab Supervisors

Our Homework Lab staff supervise and help students during their Homework Lab period.


Krysla Trask

Krysla’s positive attitude and kind spirit are infectious!


Bob Sweat

Bob Sweat brings 25 years in education to the Homework Lab at Bluedoor.

Bluedoor Instructors


Brooke Bye

Brooke loves seeing the enthusiasm and desire to learn in the TK-K age. She makes learning fun with lots of hands on activities, coloring, stories, and crafts.


Bre Rice

Bre joyfully combines all forms of learning into her classroom and curriculum.


Elana Pope

Elana Pope’s STEAM classes will have students confidently learning foundational concepts through hands-on activities.


Cindy Voigt

“Algebra is my love language, Physics is my passion.”


Coltin Miller

Mr.Miller is a math wiz but he is also a 2nd degree black belt in Kuk Sool. In addition to teaching Algebra classes and Math Labs, his Fitness & Conditioning classes will include techniques of martial arts.


Jennifer Steward

Let’s help our students learn HOW to think – not WHAT to think!

Michealea Guthrie

Michaela Guthrie

Michaela has had a passion for drawing her entire life. She has spent hours on studying both realistic and cartoon art styles. She enjoys getting to teach student how to grow their love of art, and sharpen their skills. Getting to show a student something new about sketching is a true joy for her.

Maddy Near

Madison Near

Maddy is an expert at making learning active and fun.

Bio Pic Chelsea

Chelsea Haldeman

Chelsea’s fun loving personality and enthusiasm for education makes her 1st & 2nd grade Adventures in Learning Class, a great place to be.


Anna Holtgrieve

Anna’s kind, gentle approach helps students thrive in her all day Passport to Learning Program.


Krysla’s Trask

Krysla positive attitude and kind spirit are infectious!


Bob Sweat

Making the classroom not only a place to learn, but also have fun while you learn, is Bob’s goal as a teacher.


Tami Gray

Mrs. Gray has a passion for helping students become strong readers and writers.
Sign up for tutoring sessions with Mrs. Gray @the Bluedoor Facility.


Denise Doshier

Denise has been playing piano since she was 8 and has been sharing her musical gifts as a worship leader and music teacher ever since. She is offering choir classes and private voice and piano lessons.

Jessica Quintana

Jessica Quintana

Señora Quintana shares her knowledge and love of Spanish language and culture through engaging conversations and activities that help students acquire language naturally.


Carleen Miller

Carleen is excited to introduce students to the Spanish language and varied cultures through engaging classroom instruction, exercises, music, and, of course, food! ¡Vámanos!

Anne Weiland

Anne Weiland

Together Anne Weiland and Elise Pope’s collection of classes prepare students for effective and meaningful communication through social studies, writing, and speech.


Elise Pope

Together Elise Pope and Anne Weiland’s collection of classes prepare students for effective and meaningful communication through social studies, writing, and speech.


Kally Bye

Kally Bye shares her enthusiasm and talent in her All The World’s a Stage class and her high school Drama Performance and Stagecraft.


Angelica Toca

Angelica is excited to share her knowledge and love of ASL.

The Founders of Bluedoor Education

Carrie's photo

Carrie Morris

One of the founders of Bluedoor Education.


Katie Burns

Founder and Director of Educational Services at Bluedoor Education.


  • Oversees charter & instructor committees
  • Hires, counsels and mentors curriculum development staff
  • Oversees committees of curriculum development, WASC, educational paths, and special programs

Bethany Hinkle

Treasurer of the Board of Directors, Project Manager, and Director of Business and Operations at Bluedoor Education.


  • Oversees decisions concerning facilities
  • Monitors financial decisions, plans long term financials, and oversees budget
  • Oversees daily student schedules and tracks enrollment