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Student & Parent Conduct

Families who attend Bluedoor Education Centers (BEC) are valued and treasured. BEC and tutors will do our best to support parent’s efforts to educate their students. In the course of providing tutoring services to students, Bluedoor Education Center and Tutors desire that the parents understand the following:

  1. Parents agree that the Tutor shall not be held responsible for chaperoning or caring for minors or guarding property and household effects whilst providing tutoring services.
  2. Parents agree to treat Bluedoor Education Center and Personnel in a respectable manner at all times.
  3. Parents acknowledge that the Tutor and/ Bluedoor Education Center do not make any guarantees regarding the Student’s future academic performance or exam success.
  4. Students are not allowed to occupy the hallways or courtyard during class sessions unless accompanied by an adult.
  5. Students not registered for classes may not be in the learning center area without an adult.
  6. Guest students or visitors may be permitted by the teacher but must check in and out and have a signed liability waiver on file.

Release of Liability

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: I hereby RELEASE Bluedoor Education, its employees, agents, officers, and contractors, the providers of any equipment used in classes, land owners, municipal or governmental providers of use permits, and their respective employees, officers, and directors (“The Released Parties”) FROM ALL LIABILITIES, CAUSES OF ACTION, CLAIMS AND DEMANDS that arise in any way from any injury, death, loss or harm that occurs to me or to any other person or to any property during the class or in any way related to the class, including during transportation to or from the class. This RELEASE includes claims for the negligence of the Released Parties and claims for strict liability for abnormally dangerous activities. This RELEASE does not extend to claims for gross negligence, intentional or reckless misconduct, or any other liabilities that California law does not permit to be excluded by agreement. I also agree NOT TO SUE or make a claim against the Released Parties for death, injuries, loss or harm that occur during the Activity or are related in any way to the Activity.

Medical Emergencies

I agree to have a Medical Treatment Authorization Form on file with Bluedoor by the first day of classes.

Volunteer Hours

I agree to volunteer 1 hour of service time per family or pay a $25 buyout. Volunteer hours can be served by helping in the following areas:

  • Morning or Afternoon Parking Patrol
  • Lunch Monitor
  • Homework Lab Helper
  • Afternoon Clean-up
  • Event Help

Registration Payment Policy

Registration fees are $7.50 /hour /week /class with a minimum registration fee of $15.
i.e. two full days of classes, 6 hours each day, 12 hours total is $90.00 registration fee.

Up to $45 of the registration fee will be considered a deposit and held in the event of withdrawal from classes by January 23rd, the end of the first week of classes.

Bluedoor Education reserves the right to keep the full registration amount if a student withdraws after August 23rd though each situation will be handled case-by case.

If your registration fees total less than $45, than the entire amount will be considered the deposit amount.

Class Payment Policy

Parents agree to pay fees for service as agreed upon with Tutor and recognize that tutors invoice Charter Schools as a service to the family, but that parents are financially responsible for all Services provided.

All vouchers/purchase orders/enrichment certificates must be ordered prior to the start date of classes and turned in before or on the first day of class.