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Bluedoor Education sees a growing need in our community for personalized education that bridges the gap between homeschool families, public charter schools, and the college system. California charter schools have opened opportunities for families to make personalized choices in education that fit well for families unique needs. Bluedoor Education has partnered with the charter schools to offer excellent, academic courses that meet college requirements. At Bluedoor Education, students, regardless of background, receive standards-based education that engages them through their talents and interests, in a motivational, uplifting environment.  

Bluedoor Education Center contracts with professionals to offer services in the following areas:

  • Classes taught by engaging, encouraging educators that will prepare students for the rigors of college classes with the help of technology that will help students succeed in the careers of the future.
  • Courses in all core subjects required for high school graduation and university admission.
  • Elective courses including technology, engineering, science, art, and drama.
  • Academic and career counseling for high school students.
  • College application navigation and assistance.
  • Internship assistance and placement.
  • Parent support groups to inform and encourage parents with students in high school.
  • Parent support groups to encourage parents of young children.
  • Bluedoor Education is seeking WASC accreditation as a Supplemental Education Program to ensure classes offered are held to the highest standards while maintaining our individualized, encouraging environment.